The Club


The Club the “Drago” was founded in 1928, in its current premises in the historic center of TerniĀ on the initiative of the industrialist Comm Felice Bosco

Contributed to the establishment of the association the major industrial entrepreneurs of the time, along with professionals and notables of the area.

At that time, in fact, and by the end of the nineteenth century, is underway in Terni, a strong development of large industrial enterprise energy, steel and chemical industries, attracting entrepreneurs in Terni from various parts of Italy. This also occurs due to the exploitation of the waters of the Marmore waterfalls for energy purposes.


The Club soon became a meeting place for the exchange of experiences, leisure and recreational activities. At the same time it became one of the city’s cultural salons.

Venue for concerts, conferences and exhibitions are organized in its splendid parties.

By-laws are Honorary Members of the Dragon: the Prefect, the President of the Province and the Mayor of Terni.

Are regularly organized cultural trips and events open to the public.

Because of its history and the importance of its members who over time have contributed to the progress of the territory, the Dragon is recognized as a landmark for the city of Terni.