The Building

The building , which formerly belonged to the family of the counts Gregori who built it in the late seventeenth century, has been brought as a dowry by her daughter Anna Caterina¬†¬†to her husband , Count Giovanni Maria Canale , a descendant of the family Chiaravalle that dominated the feud owner of ” Castel Canale” and the immense estate in the north of Monti Amerini .
In 1695 the Countess Anna Catherine gave birth to Saverio, the heir of Count Giovanni Maria, who as a young man entered the ecclesiastical world .

Created cardinal on July 21, 1766, decided to enlarge the building. Were renewed entrances, the courtyard and the garden, while the walls of the main floor were decorated with late Baroque decorations.

The cardinal promoted in Terni study and culture, resurrecting the Academy of Constants and giving impetus to schools of music, song and theater for the education of girls and for the education of young people. He created the institution of the teachers pie and restored the high school gymnasium, he left the city a rich library containing books, manuscripts, documents of interest and a private citizen, library and dismembered unfortunately been lost.

The historic Silvestri wrote “… when the Count Saverio became a cardinal, the native senate decreed public celebrations of joy for two consecutive days and beautiful illuminations in the evening for the whole city.”

In 1782 the Count Paolo Canali, governor of the papal arms of Umbria and in the meantime became heir of the building, housed in their rooms, the Pope Pius VI direct to Vienna “to go to treat serious business with the Emperor Joseph II …. . reached us in Terni February 28 before noon. “I received the Bishop De Rossi, the municipal magistrates, the clergy and the great people “that the meeting had made over the Roman bridge”

“In the grand and art gallery – in the description of the historical Gradassi Luzzi – sumptuous dinners took place at which the large following of the pontiff did honor.”

In the mid-nineteenth century, the building was bought by the historian Ludovico Silvestri from Terni, which was dedicated the street that is in front of the main entrance of the building. In 1900 it was bought and restored by the Morelli family who is still the owner.

On the main floor there is a princely hall built in one body to the roof, thirty feet long, with the glorification of the coat of arms of Cardinal Saverio Canale. In an adjacent room, depicts the allegory of Flora, adorned with stucco, flower symbol of the sciences and the arts in that place would have had the right house, the work is probably by Girolamo Troppa.

Since 1928 the main floor of the building is the headquarter of the Club the “Drago”.